About Us

about us

A Few Words About Us

Who we are ?

Agency Arcana: A new horizon for your brand. Arcana is a “Fashion Consultancy Agency” and our core business is to guide our clients in the Turkish retail market. We have three offices worldwide located in Istanbul, Madrid and Luxembourg. Since foundation in 2008, we served many clients with top quality service. In Arcana, we treat the Brand Management process in 3 eras. In our service strategy, we have seperate offerings for each of the Arcana’s 3 Eras of Brand Management. As a necessity of our business we appear on leading Fashion Fairs, where we can meet. Furthermore we can make all the arrangements for you if you plan to join a local fair or event.

What We offer

1st Era-Market Enterance

  • Realistic Market Analysis
  • Good Understanding of Brand
  • Wide Client Portfolio
  • PR Communications Consultancy
2nd Era-Sales Sales Sales

  • Arcana’s Sales Expertise
  • Seasonal Collection Launches
  • Periodical Reports
  • Volume Improvements

3rd Era-After Sales Services

  • Periodical Customer Visits
  • Salesmen Training Clinics
  • Instore Sales & RPT analysis
  • Support at Local Fairs